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Welcome to Nomme Youth House!

Nõmme Youth House was built as a private house in 1935. Since 1952 it has been the establishment of free time activities (the  House of Pioneers). In 1990 it was renamed as a Youth House. In this house there are about 36 teachers, most of them have a higher education. At present more than 1000 boys and girls from age 4 to 19 participate in different hobby-groups. House is opened 6 days a week. There is tuition fee for students.
Activity is many-sided: painting, drawing, porcelain painting, glass, leatherwork, textile designing, ceramics, handicraft, sewing, boy`s choir, girls ensemble, children theatre, folk dance, disco dance, aerobics, sport dance, photography, young naturalists club, car modelling, aero-modelling, computer cources, robotics, amateur radio, instrumental learning – piano, fluit, trums, guitar.
Everyone can choose their favourite activities and besides that take part in several events and go to different summer and winter camps organized by the house. There are exhibitions, contserts, competitions and festivals all around the year, where everybody can see, what the children have achieved.

We are located in Tallinn, Estonia.
Our address is Nurme street 40

phone +372 6701230

fax +372 6701018

e-mail nnm at nnm.edu.ee

Nurme 40 Tallinn tel 6701230 e-post nnm ät nnm.edu.ee